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    sonicbomb.com :: View topic - Very disturbing film on 9/11 and the Iraq War

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    Yankee (13.5 mt)

    Joined: Sep 03, 2006
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    PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, 2008 8:53 am Reply with quote


    A chronicle of the highly shameful, deluded, and underhanded actions of the automaton Israel Zionist neoconservatives, as well as the opposition against them from within the administration, to going to war in Iraq.

    Try to watch both parts.

    There is information in this that is simply stunning at the stupidity and nutty delusions of political wingnuts, that applies EQUALLY to either side of the political spectrum, when ideology becomes delusion with approaching far left and far right politics outside of the sensible moderates.



    There are lots of terrible facts about Dick Cheney hilighted in this film.

    Cheney is a despicably power-obsessed politician, trying to rewrite and reinterpret constitutional law to illegally extend his and the president's powers. An example was using Alberto Gonzales' complicity as Attorney General (ironically called the "leader of US justice system"). Notice how Cheney demanded to secure illegal powers through totally secret commissions, preventing congressional oversight of Cheney/Rumsfeld cabals instituting torture (in shrieking defiance and hypocrisy to fundamental USA law), and Cheney's iron-fisted control over White House operations, to mention a few of many serious problems. This documentary film certainly, solidly supports these facts, using eyewitness accounts of members both parties of U.S. Congress, as well as other, former employees who directly saw them happen within the administration.

    It seems a sick joke there will be an positive change under Obama, with Obama forced to hire so many hawkish and sold-out agents of Israeli foreign policy, including the Clintons, especially with Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff. Emanuel his self served the Israeli Military in Gulf War 1, which should permanently slam the door shut on his USA political career, with screaming, dual allegiance with Israel, where his parents are living now.
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