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    User: FlyboyCRRating: 10September 29, 2009
    User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 1
    Wow! What a great old bird. I read (on SonicBomb.com) that some were used to drop the nuclear/thermonuclear bombs for testing purposes, along with the B-50s. I had to look up the B-50 to learn that it was a souped-up B-29. I thought for a minute I could see my old house during the takeoff sequence. We lived in White Settlement, TX, next door to Carswell AFB, when B-36s were still there. It rattled the windows something fierce as they crawled over the fence at the end of the runway. We had one on display at Greater Southwest International Airport (GSW) between Ft. Worth and Dallas for a few years until they built DFW airport next door. GSW ceased to be an active airport after that.

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