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    Total of 1 comments

    User: dave807Rating: 9February 21, 2008
    User's Average Rating: 9.0# of Ratings: 1
    Excellent video (visual and editing and mix). bEAUTIFUL GREAT CONTINUITY!! But a nice video just to say an opinion that is half true and not proven makes me concerned. I have been a storm-chaser since the early eighties and done some of my own thinking and research and not gotten a buck for it, that includes setting international scientific precedences of solar-storm monitoring and reporting and earthquake and grid-failure predictions. I can assure you all that yes there is control issues of the police state/greedy corporate type behind everything these days, and this would be a way to further the force-dejure of it. But the truth is that there is proof and I have seen and felt it, it is not all just cycles as you would like to believe, the cycles have been overlapped and the way we effect our planet is natural too. I can surely say that the simple physics of it all are now well known and like so many times in the past we (I included) will just avoid dealing with it until it is too late. There ARE real answers to this which would put power in the hands of the people but our convienient way of doing things is how we do things and they , (the powerful/rich/govt) politically correct as they must be wont let US including me, tell you the answers. A four letter word for part of the answer is HEMP and other things like sun,wind,geothermal combined with ocean water equal free desalinated water to make new forest and farmland with. We people got to stop doing what we say they are, which is taking anothers freedom or choice or property away from those we disagree with. I am over 40 and do NOT trust you or anyone nor do I want to be in denial that things will heat up as they have beyond the past 12,000-100000 years , that includes volcanos,unstopped fires an asteroid or two and yet mans change is exceeding at least matching the last big deal. This fear that it is ALL a scam aka (lie) is the thing to fear as said fear of fear itself is our worst enemy. If we allow a fact to be mislead and misread we are no less responceable than those who knew this years back. Questions and comments ok, criticism too. ITs-TV DJ-STORM CHASER/W807GEO-RESEARCH RADIO Founder etc (tv producer since 1983/radio host/engineer-builder AM1610 Specialized Research and experiments to validate/devalidate Tesla, and too improve disaster forecasting potential. Was on Open AIR live 1995 to 1999 , did beat NASA and ALL at 3 detailed methods that should not have been possible if the PHds really were as sharp as I thought.

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