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    Category: Main/Military

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      Syrian T-72 
    Description: An unmanned FSA camera captures an incoming shell from a Syrian T-72 tank. The round appears to be an armor-piercing discarding sabot (APDS) type of kinetic energy projectile used to attack armored targets. What the gunner was shooting at is unclear.

    Version: Filesize: 6.97 MB
    Added on: 03-Feb-2015 Downloads: 2298
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      Teapot Effects Test 
    Description: Test footage showing the thermal and blast effects of a 29 kiloton nuclear weapon against purpose built houses and mannequins. The nuclear weapon depicted in the film was the Apple-2 shot, fired during Operation Teapot May 5th 1955.

    Version: Filesize: 10.02 MB
    Added on: 03-Dec-2014 Downloads: 3115
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      M1 Assault Breacher 
    Description: M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) (Shredder), based on the M1 Abrams, designed to clear pathways for troops and other vehicles through minefields and IEDs. Seen here deploying the M58 MICLIC Mine Clearing Line Charges: rockets carrying C-4 explosives up to 100-150 meters forward.
    Version: Filesize: 11.28 MB
    Added on: 31-Oct-2014 Downloads: 1686
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      LRSAV Test 
    Description: Lockheed Martin Long Range Surveillance & Attack Vehicle missile test at Elgin Airforce Base in 2014

    Version: Filesize: 2.54 MB
    Added on: 24-Aug-2014 Downloads: 2154
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      BAE Railgun 
    Description: New footage of the BAE Systems 32-megajoule electro-magnetic laboratory rail gun. Music: Wighnomy Brothers & Triola - 'Leuchtturm'

    Version: Filesize: 8.25 MB
    Added on: 13-Apr-2014 Downloads: 2522
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      Naval Strike Missle  Popular
    The Norwegian navy tests its new four-metre long, 880lb Naval Strike Missile by firing on one of its own ships, the KNM Trondheim, with spectacular results.
    Version: Filesize: 1.75 MB
    Added on: 12-Jun-2013 Downloads: 5304
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      TOW Vs T-72  Popular
    Footage of a TOW (Tube-launched, Optically-tracked) missile taking out a Russian T-72 tank.

    Version: Filesize: 6.51 MB
    Added on: 23-Aug-2012 Downloads: 7004 Rating: 8.0 (3 Votes)
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      TLAM slowmotion  Popular
    Description: Footage of the TLAM (Tomahawk) missile fired from Royal Navy submarine HMS Astute successfully hitting the target filmed with high speed cameras.
    Version: Filesize: 7.68 MB
    Added on: 17-Nov-2011 Downloads: 7703 Rating: 10.0 (1 Vote)
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      Collateral Murder  Popular
    Classified US military video which appears to show the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people including two journalists by a US Apache attack helicopter in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad in 2007. Two young children were also seriously wounded. Wikileaks released this video with transcripts and a package of supporting documents on April 5th 2010 on http://collateralmurder.com
    Version: Filesize: 40.32 MB
    Added on: 04-Sep-2011 Downloads: 10525 Rating: 4.0 (9 Votes)
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      BLU-109 Bunker Buster  Popular
    Test footage of the BLU-109 hardened penetration bomb used by the USAF. It is designed to smash through concrete shelters and other hardened structures before exploding. The BLU-109 has a 25mm thick steel casing, filled with 240 kg of Tritonal. It has a delayed-action fuse.
    Version: Filesize: 2.59 MB
    Added on: 01-Aug-2011 Downloads: 14040 Rating: 9.0 (6 Votes)
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