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    Category: Main/Military

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      The Swiftsure-Class Submarine 
    Royal Navy promotional video about the Swiftsure-class nuclear attack submarine (SSN). Six boats were built and commissioned. All are now decommissioned except HMS Sceptre, scheduled to be out of service by 2010. They will be replaced by the Astute-class submarine.
    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 19.88 MB
    Added on: 07-Nov-2008 Downloads: 4218
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      WW2 P-51 Combat Account  Popular
    Amazing first-hand account of two P-51 sorties by WW2 ace Clayton Gross. Including one against an Me-262, the first operational German jet fighter.

    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 20.06 MB
    Added on: 29-Oct-2008 Downloads: 6260 Rating: 9.0 (5 Votes)
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      XM1028 120mm Tank Round  Popular
    The 120mm XM1028 is in effect a shotgun round for a tank, comprised of an estimated 1000 tungsten balls. Fired from the M1A1/M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank, it is used at close range against massed assaulting infantry armed with hand held anti-tank and automatic weapons.
    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 4.87 MB
    Added on: 16-Oct-2008 Downloads: 15446 Rating: 8.0 (7 Votes)
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      The Red Bomb  Popular
    A montage featuring the weapons and delivery systems of the Cold War Soviet Union.

    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 19.59 MB
    Added on: 22-Sep-2008 Downloads: 5832 Rating: 9.0 (3 Votes)
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      Vietnam Evacuation 1975 
    Footage of actions taken aboad a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier during the American evacuation of Vietnam in 1975 where millions of dollars of aircraft and material were dumped overboard.

    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 9.32 MB
    Added on: 14-Sep-2008 Downloads: 4906 Rating: 3.0 (1 Vote)
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      KNM Sleipner sinking  Popular
    Arial footage of the Royal Nowegian Navy ship KNM Sleipner being sunk by a Hauk-class MTB.

    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 1.49 MB
    Added on: 14-Sep-2008 Downloads: 9723 Rating: 7.0 (1 Vote)
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      Tripp Highspeed Small arms video  Popular
    High speed video of various small arms being fired by Tripp Research Inc. as part of their 1911X pistol and magazine development program.

    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 4.97 MB
    Added on: 04-Sep-2008 Downloads: 7219 Rating: 10.0 (2 Votes)
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      B2 bombing in Afghanistan  Popular
    A clip of a USAF B2 bomber dropping three 1000 pound bombs on a Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan. Much to the delight of the watching British troops.
    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 1.83 MB
    Added on: 04-Sep-2008 Downloads: 13718 Rating: 10.0 (3 Votes)
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      Vietnam Bombing Run  Popular
    Infamous footage of a number of low-level bombing runs against ground targets during the Vietnam war. Music - Medula oblongata by The Dust Brothers [Fight Club Soundtrack]

    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 27.73 MB
    Added on: 27-Aug-2008 Downloads: 11903 Rating: 8.0 (10 Votes)
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      Vietnam - The 2nd Indochina War  Popular
    An 18 minute mini documentry about the vietnam war. Using archive footage, and audio interviews with the soldiers who served there. Warning, contains some very graphic scenes.

    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 73.35 MB
    Added on: 18-Aug-2008 Downloads: 6134 Rating: 8.0 (5 Votes)
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