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    Bravo |Castle|

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    Date: 18:45 UTC 28/02/1954 | Type: Groundburst @2m | Yield: 15 Mt

    Bravo (Shrimp) was a 2-stage thermonuclear device, which used solid lithium deuteride fuel. It was accidently the largest ever test. The yield was 2.5x greater than expected due to the highly expensive lithium isotope producing extra tritium ("tritium bonus") which greatly increased the yield. The resulting crater was 1.98km wide and 76m deep. The clou d reached 16.5km, was 100km wide with a 7km wide stem. This created the greatest radiological disaster in US history with a large number of civilians heavily irradiated by the fallout. Subsequently, the exclusion zone around the tests was increased to 917,326 square km, a circle 1367km across (aprox. 1% of the Earth's land area). The Japanese fishing vessel Daigo Fukuryu Maru was also heavily contaminated with one crew member later dying, documented here. The main objective of the Castle series was to validate one or more of the EC "emergency capability" weapons that had already entered the stockpile, and produce a deliverable H-bombs.

    Clip sourced from Trinity and Beyond™ - The Atomic Bomb Movie
    Courtesy of vcefilms.com

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