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    Date: 00:00 UTC 29/08/1949 | Type: Tower @30m | Yield: 22 Kt

    The first Soviet nuclear test, code named "First Lightning" the RDS-1. The code designation RDS was actually arbitrary, but people on the project gave it a variety of interpretations, one popular one was "Reaktivnyi Dvigatel Stalina" (Stalin's Rocket Engine), another was "Russia Does It Alone". The whole focus of the Soviet program at this point was to set off a Soviet atomic blast at the earliest possible time whatever the cost. At Lavrenti Beria's (Project leader) insistence , this device was an exact copy of the U.S. Gadget/Fat Man mainly thanks to Klaus Fuchs. The device would later be weaponized in RDS-1, the Soviet Union's first nuclear weapon.

    Published on: 2005-10-03 (64753 reads)

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