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    Date: 07:00 UTC 16/10/1964
    Type: Surface
    Yield: 20Kt

    The first atomic weapon test conducted by the Peoples Republic of China at the Lop Nor testing grounds. A pure fission device using U-235 only as no Plutonium was available to them at that time. The culmination of 9 years of developement, the test was named after the date the USSR stopped providing the Peoples Republic with assistance for their weapon program.

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    No. 2
    Date: 02:00 UTC 14/05/1965
    Type: Airburst @457m
    Yield: 35Kt

    Six months separated China’s first and second nuclear test. The second test was of an air-dropped weapon, essentially a weaponized version of the 596 device. A 195m white chalk circle was drawn on the Lop Nur grounds as the target for the test. In one of the trail runs, the bomb missed the target by 682m destroying a bridge intended to be used for the actual live nuclear test. The live nuclear air drop detonated with a force of 35 kilotons and missed the target by 39m.

    No. 4
    Date: 01:10 UTC 27/10/1966
    Type: Airburst @569m
    Yield: 12Kt

    The fourth atomic weapon test conducted by the Peoples Republic of China, lauched atop a Dongfeng 2 Missile.

    No. 6
    Date: 00:19 UTC 17/06/1967
    Type: Airburst @2960m
    Yield: 3.3Mt

    The first thermonuclear weapon tested by the Peoples Republic of China. It was conducted 32 months after their first atomic test, the shortest time for any country. The weapon was airdropped by a Chinese H-6 bomber.

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    Published on: 2005-12-25 (67669 reads)

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